love note

Dear Death,

Thank you for seeing me last night.
I liked your earrings.
The sun in one ear.
The moon in the other.

Stars like freckles
on the skies of your cheeks.
Your lips wet with juice
from the forbidden fruit,
you know how I feel about your kisses.
Your hair is so lush,
a black waterfall,
which like bath water,
wrinkles my skin
while your icy breath
leaves its white frost in my hair.

Your eyes
like two silver mirrors
that hold
me or my reflection captive,
I don’t know which one.

I have
your taste on my lips,
I roll your secrets
in my mouth,
leaving me with a sweet tongue.
You have
my skin under your nails,
I am now a part of your touch.

Sorry, I left in the morning
without saying goodbye.
I am just not ready.
It’s not you, it’s me.




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