Monthly Archives: May 2017

The words
race out of your mouth
like cars on a highway.
They crash into each other,
they crash into me,
they crash into my words.
The crashes are loud.
You don’t hear them,
but the silent noises erupt
and cause time to shake.
I can hear the metal crunching
in our verbal collisions.
Our love
is strapped into one of these sentences,
and these apology airbags
won’t help every time.
I wish you had a red light.
Her heart
descended from Eden,
Eve’s red apple is alive
within her flesh branches,
bitten, broken, scarred.
No man has a chance,
but the sweetest apples
are always out of reach,
so I’ll keep rustling
her flesh branches
with my hungry hands,
and my slapping mouth.
I will carve my name
with my teeth
on the trunk of her body.
Her leg roots wrap around me,
I quench her,
pleasure blossoms,
I bring her Spring.

I wrap my bandage smile
tightly over my mouth,
but you see
the pain dripping down
the crooked wrapping,
you know the despair
that infects underneath,
you know my emotional necrosis,
the dead emotions
that rest in me like corpses,
that I drag from room to room,
my closest friends,
and you know the antidote,
but you still do nothing,
and all I can do is smile.

I snap my darkness in half
and the horses of my imagination
rush out,
soaked in the blood
of my internal conflicts.
I comfort my beautiful beasts.

The sound garden is muted.
The leaves and petals
have turned black.
The song bird
lays on the ground,
sadness seared
his vocal cords.
His final song
still dangling
from his final breath.
The echo
will rattle
in a city’s
melodic blood.

The words
on the shore of my tongue
cooling me.
There is nothing
to be said.
The words
taste better in my mouth,
I’ll just keep rolling them
like mints,
fresh waves.
Smiling at your anger.

You were dying
your petals were crackling.
I soaked you with my tears.
It did not help.
I showered you with my blood.
It did not help.
I grabbed you
and buried you
in the red soil of my heart.
You grew within me,
you flourished,
your roots
wrapped around my vital organs
and sipped from the springs of my life.
Your leaves
grew in my lungs.
We now breathe together.