Monthly Archives: January 2017

Let me step into your soul,
that electric womb,
surrounded by buzzing hummingbirds,
resewn by the flutter,
tied to an umbilical cord
and injected with your last melting dreams,
their images start flowing in my blood,
cascading with sparks,
the lightning of your wants permeates me.
When I am reborn,
with the wings of the phoenix,
they won’t stop me,
or us.
Conversations with the ocean,
her waves telling tales
of those before me,
her liquid sentences flowing
and crashing against the rocky shore,
syllables splashing at my feet.
Her voice dripping
with the songs of Sirens.
I tell her my pains,
she hushes me to sleep,
drowning me in her words.

He loved her in all her chaos,
her beautiful life source energy.
Tears stumbling down
the galaxies of her cheeks
from the black holes of her eyes.
Word comets crashing from her mouth,
striking his red heart planet,
getting rid of old life
and creating new life.
She was his Big Bang,
but still left burn marks on his soul.

At night, they would drink whiskey
to gently uncross their stars,
and bring their universe in order.

All was fine.

You left,
but my room
still smells of your soul.
Your poetry stains my sheets,
spiritual syllables from your body’s exhale,
sweet perfume of our sins.

You spoke of love,
but you only wanted to write forbidden verses,
and so did I.

My soul is behind the window panes of my eyes,
banging with two fists,
but not breaking through,
as this glass only shatters in private,
and only then does my soul
slide its wrists on the jagged broken windows
and bleed down my face.

Leave me alone.