Monthly Archives: April 2017

She smears me with melatonin
and adrenaline at the same time,
she’s a walking dream.
Even when she is not with me,
I am holding her hand.

I took my demons to a bar,
one of them
starts flirting
with the bardtender,
I think the fucker
is going to get lucky.
I need to keep an eye on him.
I took my demons to a bar
family time is important.

As you traverse through my soul,
just know that it’s full of tripwires,
and I don’t think you’ll make it.
The blood of fallen lovers
waters these fields.
I wrote you a poem,
I got you double-boarded
with metaphors and analogies.
Boards nailed together
with unforgiving words.
Yes, I wrote you a poem.
I hear you
kicking and screaming within it.
I am burying you
in the backyard of my brain.