Monthly Archives: March 2017

My thoughts,
wild creatures,
leave their footprints
on my brain.
The clever ones
try to cover up their tracks.
My thoughts,
wild creatures,
leave bite marks
on my soul.
My thoughts,
wild creatures,
leave claw marks
on my heart.
A zoo,
a real fucking zoo,
please don’t feed the animals.

In the black womb
of the night.

I stepped into itm
and see
the infant stars around me,
looking at them,
umbilical cords of darkness tie us into place.
I become nourished by the sky’s cold breath,
it flows through those black cords
like nutritious blood,
coldness and darkness cannot be separated,
in me or around me.
my skin becomes an icy white,
just like those childish stars,
lost on their way to Heaven.
Icy white, dead icy white.
Go ahead, make a wish,
we refuse to answer anymore.

The pain you make me feel
is like a flowery moon
with poison nectar
pouring from the craters
of its rocky petals.
The sticky nectar lands on me,
gluing my eyes shut,
trickling around my neck
and forming a syrupy noose.
which chokes me.
The poison nectar pours around me,
forming a golden casket,
entombing me,
leaving me to be freed.

Without you
I am a hollow bell.
I may move and seem alive,
but my motions are nothing
but silence.

Without you
I am a hollow bell.