You carry your pain
like a shattered halo
under your tongue,
your words sometimes
get caught in it
and fester there.
When you don’t speak
I know you need me to
untie your infection
with the religion
you find
in my mouth.

Wishing Well

You are my wishing well,
and I place all my wishes in you.

My kisses send forbidden desires
to fall into your liquid heart
like coins.
I listen to their splashes,
making a wish with each one,
They ripple
from your heart
to the rest of your body,
waves of lust,
you fill.

I came to sip your waters.

Dog Days

We will chase your dreams
like two savage dogs,
they won’t get away,
even if we end up
with blood on our teeth.


You did not like the view,
but our love was just the window,
shielding you
from the elements you disliked
and providing security
from what is beyond.
You complain
that you did not like the view,
but our love was just the window,
and you never learned that,
so the curtains closed,
and what you do not realize
is that unseen window
is still keeping you safe,
and always will.


I collected lovers.
Memories of them
like pretty dolls.
A cabinet full in my mind.
I can’t get rid of
these memories
and I can’t touch
these dolls.
They’re staring at me
from behind the glass
cabinet doors,
and I always find myself
apologizing to them.


I’m just a shattered human
held together by your saliva’s glue,
and I keep sniffing the air
like a wild dog,
getting high
on what holds me together.
No one kisses you like me,
because  nobody needs you like me.
It’s more animalistic than lust,
it’s survival.