Ashes to Ashes

The acid of loneliness
is corroding
the container of my love.
It’s leaking now
down my throat,
burning it’s way to my heart
it’s destroying everything,
but that’s fine,
sometimes wildfires
are needed for a new forest to grow,
I am a cemetery of charred bones
of the old wild creatures
that I let through my gates to roam.
I’m now ready for you.
The embers
chew holes
in my soul
like fireflies.
In the burnt hollowness,
your love nests.
Let me be the city
of your rebirth.
Identify yourself with me,
a citizen of my heart.
In a dim room,
I will have you pledging allegiance
until the sacred sun blooms
in the trembling sky hinging on your hips,
warm petals soaked with nectar.
When our time is done,
we will set our love ablaze,
and spend one more night
next to it,
as sweet and temporary,
as a campfire.
In the smoke,
we will see
black and white photographs
of our past.
As we inhale the images
to fuse them with our blood,
they leave our skeletons smoked.
Even when they bury me,
our story will be embedded in my bones.


Who tricked you
into believing that
you are not magic?
like cards,
pulling aces
when our eyes connect.
You always know
the cards I try to hide.
My eyes whisper to you
even when I tell them to be silent.
Their loyalty does not rest with me.
When I am crushed
by the fangs
of darkness.
You put me
back together
with your tongue.
Rolling splintered shards
of me in your mouth,
removing my infectious pain
from melancholy’s unforgiving mauling.
You set your head
on my chest
and my heart beats stronger.
We tend to talk better when there is an active listener.
Who tricked you
into believing that
you are not magic?
When life
turns my self-confidence into a quiet flag
draped lifeless down my post,
like the losing corpse in a game of hangman,
you sing a storm,
and make me rage
in my brave and pride.
My identity’s colors screaming
like predatory birds
circling the dead,
the last memory
my enemies will have.
I am battle ready because of you.
Who tricked you
into believing that
you are not magic?
You turned a boy into a man
and, trust me, that spell
does not always work.

Forbidden Prayers

I drag green corpses to your feet
to enter your temple
climbing steps with
haikus inscribed on them.
I pray with my body crouching
and stretching inside yours,
Like a wolf I feed on you
and you feed on dead men like me.
You stack ghosts in your body
of men who bury themselves
in the soft soil between your thighs.
They leave reborn,
shedding their drenched spirits
inside of you.
You remain beautifully haunted,
but you only count
the dead men packed
in the mausoleum of your safe.

The Forever Forest

I want to be in
one of your poems
Walking through
The woods of your words
Seeing your imagery song birds sing to me
From the trees of your imagination
I will carve my name on my favorite tree.
I want to live here
Among the beat of your syllables
And hum along.
Watching the sunrise of your muses.
Don’t put that pen down
I don’t feel like going home tonight.


Tears tumbled from my eyes
like corpses
down the cliff of my face,
and you were not there
to bury them.

Dream Dog

you always call me
your angel,
but the halo
has fallen over my neck
like a golden collar.
I’m tired of being their dog,
I’m ready for it to tighten.