It really was your embrace
that I missed,
like words
held within quotes,
it made me feel
like I belonged to someone.


In the lake of my sins
your reflection glistens.
The water ripples
as our past whispers
with a wet voice.
Our necks moist
with words.
You always manage
to take off your clothes
for a swim.

a sweet sight

Your eyes,
two reservoirs of honey,
I’m stuck in your gaze,
but always remember
that the bees are still
from that red beehive
called my heart.
Don’t forget
there is mutuality in love.
Don’t let beauty
break us.

Ghosts of Justice

A ghost of justice,
by the time
you realize
what’s going on
you’ll be fitted
in a pair of concrete boots.
It’ll be
just you and me.
We’ll leave from a red shore,
and I will make sure
the tide of righteousness
takes you where you belong.
A ghost of justice,
you won’t see me,
you won’t know me,
I’ll hold your hand
during your final prayer.


Your love
wrote its suicide note
with lipstick on my heart’s mirror,
so when I self-reflect
its final words are all over me.
I finally found your love,
hanging in the basement of our dreams.
I got to clean this up now.


The words
race out of your mouth
like cars on a highway.
They crash into each other,
they crash into me,
they crash into my words.
The crashes are loud.
You don’t hear them,
but the silent noises erupt
and cause time to shake.
I can hear the metal crunching
in our verbal collisions.
Our love
is strapped into one of these sentences,
and these apology airbags
won’t help every time.
I wish you had a red light.

the red apple

Her heart
descended from Eden,
Eve’s red apple is alive
within her flesh branches,
bitten, broken, scarred.
No man has a chance,
but the sweetest apples
are always out of reach,
so I’ll keep rustling
her flesh branches
with my hungry hands,
and my slapping mouth.
I will carve my name
with my teeth
on the trunk of her body.
Her leg roots wrap around me,
I quench her,
pleasure blossoms,
I bring her Spring.