I unzipped the night
 and saw your flesh underneath.
 I unzipped the night
 and felt your flesh underneath.
 I pressed my lips on your neck,
 singing as I kissed the sky.
 Your nocturnal dress
 rests on the ground,
 you don’t need
 that black dress tonight.
 I keep singing my song
 until you feel the sunrise
 tingling up your spine
 and across the horizon
 between your hips.
 I love watching
 the sunrise with you.

past away

I can’t fly to the past.
I can’t beat my wings beyond
the guardians of yesterday.
They protect
what’s carved and etched,
with revolving clock hands
that spin like a helicopter rotor,
only sending me
further into the future.
The more I reach
for those memories,
the more tomorrow
tries to hold
my outreached hand.

Skies of Skin

Last night,
my body was the sky.
I felt sizzling stars
glowing underneath my skin,
shining starlight through my pores,
one of my pupils was the sun
and the other was the moon.
The emboldened sun raged
with flames and rays,
sending its light down my body,
illuminating its side
of my face and body,
but with leaving the moon’s side dark.
My body was divided
into two parts:
the blue day and the black night.
My body was the sky,
last night,
I felt ten birds
fly from one part
of my body to the other,
from one part
of the sky to the other.
The ten birds made a voyage,
last night,
soaring all over my body.
Those ten birds
were your ten fingers.

f e a r

The fear builds up
around me like a yellow
elephant-skinned light bulb.
I stare around,
alert eyes not expecting,
amazed as the adrenaline bulb
turns on,
eyes being crushed
and stomped into bits and pieces
by the fiery army boots which are worn by the marching radiant heat
worn by two eternally growing, glowing electric feet,
eyes crushed into tears,
rushing from my eye sockets,
my thick, creamy, burnt black tears
start boiling,
turning sticky,
rushing down my neck,
gluing it to the glass elephant skin.
I feel the burn
penetrate me like a hundred thorny tongues,
squeezing way down my delicate,
red petal-skinned throat,
those fear-filled singing snakes seek refuge inside of me,
I cant stand this abuse, this self-abuse.
The heat bakes my bones
expanding them, making them swell up,
swelling up as large as white dinosaurs.
They leap out of my body
like a dead man jumping out of his grave,
jumping out of his extinction.
They shatter the light bulb of fear,
killing the electric adrenaline,
leaving me in the calmness of darkness,
What’s left of me lies here,
like an empty jacket
my remains lie on the ground.
The wind blows me away
with her hurricane lips,
storming through me,
cutting me up.
My body flies around,
like a million dead leaves
under the wind’s control,
I have become the wind’s slave,
the winds of change.


In the misty shadows of your dark eyes
there is a calming refuge
unlike any other place,
your risen eyelashes spread above me
like two black roofs,
putting everything below them
in an engulfing shadow,
protecting me from this scorching life.
Looking up, seeing two giant white moons,
shining their soothing light on me,
a light that soars down on me,
like a white flurry of angels,
showering down on me,
soaking the scene with a dim hope
like two fading rusted lanterns.

In the misty shadows of your dark eyes
there is a calming refuge
unlike any other place,
your risen eyelashes spread above me
like two black roofs,
putting everything below them in darkness,
making you my shelter of night.

Illuminating teardrops fall from those angels,
tears from those crying moons.
They are sizzling stars falling
from your face of night sky,
dripping down
the atmosphere of your cheeks,
engulfing me in the glow of your sadness.

Crucify me to your dreams,
because I know that is as close
as I will get to my dreams.


I cauterized
my past
so it would
stop bleeding
into my future,
but I still have
blood on my hands.


The moon
shatters into a storm
of transparent butterflies
that circle your soul,
they become your charisma, your charm.
Wearing black,
you become the lady of the moon
and I am under
the control of your pull,
butterflies singing like sirens,
Luring me towards you
with your walk,
with your smile,
with the gravity in your breath,
causing my waves of desire
to rise,
later in the night,
they’ll crash and wash over you.
Your light will glimmer
in my raging sea,
I will carry your shine
in my darkest waters,
but my depths
will always roll in blackness,
tempting your light
to try to flicker
to my unreachable undercurrents,
and that’s how the wild ocean
pulls the moon.
I got you.

The sun
turns into a flock
of fiery doves,
wings beat,
They take shelter in the red branches
of your heart.
I sit under
that sacred tree
and fall to the spell
of their song
as they bring light
to the darkest crevice of my existence
which I thought
was only a dead end,
but a speck of your  light has shown,
at that dead end,
the silhouette of two lovers huddled,
smoking cigarettes,
looking like two burning red stars,
they have our faces.

When I met you,
I thought you would be my world,
you became my universe.


You put your walls up,
and I wrote love letters
with graffiti on them,
painted murals
that told sacred stories,
I watched the murals
play back like an old romance movie,
where you pretend to love me.
I stepped into the brick screen,
the alternate reality
where you reciprocate my love.
You put your walls up
and I learned to
live with it and love it.
I hope you keep them up,
my movie hasn’t ended yet.

Broken Dreams

There is a wreath
of broken dreams
on her heart’s door.
You can knock,
but nobody’s home.

You Are My Favorite Holiday

You are my favorite holiday,
you make me feel
a festival of lights
when our lips spark together.
You light
the candles
at the red window of my heart,
behind the glowing window
a boy still smiles.
The depression
packed in my white bones
like snow
thaws at your warm fireplace touch.
You give me hope,
making me feel
that the resurrection of my saving grace
is near.
You are my favorite time off
with clothes off,
as my teeth meet
the cinnamon of your lower lip.
You are my favorite holiday.