Ashes to Ashes

The acid of loneliness
is corroding
the container of my love.
It’s leaking now
down my throat,
burning it’s way to my heart
it’s destroying everything,
but that’s fine,
sometimes wildfires
are needed for a new forest to grow,
I am a cemetery of charred bones
of the old wild creatures
that I let through my gates to roam.
I’m now ready for you.
The embers
chew holes
in my soul
like fireflies.
In the burnt hollowness,
your love nests.
Let me be the city
of your rebirth.
Identify yourself with me,
a citizen of my heart.
In a dim room,
I will have you pledging allegiance
until the sacred sun blooms
in the trembling sky hinging on your hips,
warm petals soaked with nectar.
When our time is done,
we will set our love ablaze,
and spend one more night
next to it,
as sweet and temporary,
as a campfire.
In the smoke,
we will see
black and white photographs
of our past.
As we inhale the images
to fuse them with our blood,
they leave our skeletons smoked.
Even when they bury me,
our story will be embedded in my bones.
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