I felt
all four seasons with you.
Spring in your touch,
summer on your lips,
fall in your embrace,
winter on your tongue.
Don’t leave me
in a state of blankness.
I feel spring in your touch,
desires flourish within me,
leaves tingle as they sprout,
roses bloom
and I place them on your mouth
a bouquet from my lips,
thorns from my teeth.
I feel summer on your lips,
the euphoria of blue skies
as I swallow the sun
from your lower lip
and feel it radiate down
my throat and chest,
the light shines against my heart.
I want the euphoria of summer skies within me,
I need daybreak
to peel back my inner darkness like an orange
and let my suffocating heart
I feel fall in your embrace,
I feel the coming of the holidays when I hold you,
my hands on your waist,
like my favorite warm drink.
I feel my sorrow dry up within me,
bruising, and then turning shades of yellow
like an autumn leaf, hoping it eventually
cracks the same way.
There are parts of me that I need you to kill,
to shatter.
I feel winter on your tongue,
sending glaciers of memories
to sail in my veins,
a coldness to numb my madness.
I feel the snow of your kiss
fall to the back of my throat,
I surrender naked
to the blizzard of your taste.
Without you,
it is just blankness,
I am stuck in a clock,
with seconds making their way over me like ants,
the hands
like two black tongues,
singing the words I could never say,
lulling me to sleep,
set me free from this blankness,
walk over here with your black dress.
I felt
all four seasons with you.
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