The Storm

I followed you
but you left me in the sky….
You left clouds rushing through my skin.
The clouds rampaged through my soul like gray bulls,
their hooves beat against the surface of my spirit.
Thunder erupted as my soul screamed your name
only to hear the echo drift from my tongue
like a tiny leaf falling from a branch.
I looked closer at the leaf
and noticed behind the leaf’s skin
there was a dancing flame,
there was lightning.

The leaf ignited
and erupted into a star.
The rays of light began to stretch through the night sky.
The rays of light began to grow stronger,
forming branches,
forming a giant white tree that expanded
from one point of the horizon to the next,
from the branches snow fell like droplets of fruit.
You stormed as the clouds covered your roots.
You stormed
and snow fell outside
my empty bedroom
in Los Angeles.

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