My soul is your blanket,
wrap it around your body,
it will protect you from
life’s cold rains.
It will protect you from the frigid winds
that make you shiver.

My soul is your blanket
hold it close to your heart
and feel its warmth,
feel its warmth
guard you from any storm.

My soul is your blanket,
look closely at it,
each thread is a star,
all the stars in the heavens
were sewn together,
one by one,
to make my soul,
spread the blanket out,
see it shine like a lake of diamonds,
wrap yourself in the blanket,
let that lake cradle you like a glittering womb.
Through my soul the stars were made to embrace you.
I have no other purpose.
No other purpose but to bring each star in the heavens
as a gift for such a beautiful person.
I have no other purpose.

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