The Gray Curtain Over Life’s Window

Original post written on February 24, 2015

Words cannot express the extent of my sadness over my uncle Arash Ostadmohammad’s death. I remember being a kid and listening to various different kinds of music and I remember how he always directed me towards classical rock and roll, sometimes we would listen to my Guns N’ Roses albums, but that may have been his way of compromising. Arash Ostadmohammad was an amazing artist, in the true sense of the word. He could paint anything, anyone, anytime, andthat is what he decided to do. When he lived with us for a period of time he turned one of the rooms into his private studio and would paint for hours at a time. I remember one day he painted a rather somber painting and my mom, his sister, said it looked too depressing. He disagreed, but to make her happy, he painted what appeared to be a window in the upper right hand corner of the painting. Although I was a child, I knew that he did that just for her because he was perfectly happy with his somber painting. I also knew that the window’s addition was a big deal to him – it was his art. He eventually moved back to Sweden and then would go back and forth from Sweden to Iran. After he moved back to Sweden, he left many of his art pieces at my parents’ house. He never really left us and I don’t think he has left us now. I grew up surrounded by his creativity and genius.

Arash Ostadmohammad learned a lot regarding his artistic ways by being a part of a play by the name of Shahre Gheseh. He was the monkey in the original production, which might sound confusing to some of you, but it was a big deal. The following is a clip, his intro is on the fourth minute. Daei Arash, may you rest in peace and may you keep painting windows in the next world.


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